PR Academy

A Masterclass for Interior Designers

PR Academy
A Masterclass for Interior Designers

Receive 20 years of PR experience and 3+ publications in 90 days.

BONUS:  PR Kit + In-house Copywriter + Collective of Collaborative Designers and Supportive Editors.

My guarantee: Multiple media placements in 90 Days.

STARTS FEB 7, 2023
10:30 AM PST

Meet Alex

I was born a media outsider and spent two long decades as a writer and editor, working my way to the top of the world’s best design publications. Today I show a growing community of women exactly how to become published interior designers & photographers in three months. Because who wants to wait 20 years for major media recognition?

Proof is in the Placements

350+ media placements this past year (2022)

23 women scored more than 350 
media placements in 2022

10 of them were featured in Architectural Digest in 2022

What You Get in 3 Months

• 3-10 media placements

• Contact lists for the top 300 design editors and writers

• 3 personalized pitches written by an expert with 20+ years of experience as a journalist and editor 

• Network of designers, photographers, and stylists

Get press hits with no photos.

How We Do It

  • Connect with top editors and writers
  • Access my personal daily media queries
  • Receive updated editorial calendars
  • Learn the secret to self publishing 
  • Leverage the PR power of roundups
  • Learn how to amplify your media success on social media

"By creating the world's only PR collaborative for female interior designers and photographers, we are able to achieve far, far more media success as a group than anyone could do on their own."