Get your work Published in Architectural Digest And Other Design Publications Without Paying For A Publicist

Alex Abramian

There are SIX STEPS ON THE MEDIA LADDER to Architectural Digest and other top-tier publications. Want to know what they are?

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During my live webinar I will show you the Six Steps on the Media Ladder to Architectural Digest so that your work can get published and seen by thousands, even millions of people.

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Before I was a publicist, I was an editor and writer for The Hollywood Reporter, House Beautiful, Sunset, Elle Decor and Architectural Digest.

Now I help designers get top-tier publicity. Without paying for a publicist.

Alex Abramian

In this free training, you will learn:

Getting publicity without a publicist is an extremely learnable skill that creates an astronomical return. I love helping amazing designers get recognized for the beauty they bring to the world.

Alex Abramian

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